Korea's Amorepacific bets on luxury cosmetics for Europe pus

PARIS, Jan 5 (Reuters) - South Korean cosmetics company Amorepacific aims to expand in Europe by launching one of its luxury brands in Britain this year and in Germany in 2019, after introduc...

Claire's disputes report that makeup contained asbestos

A total of 17 makeup varieties including eye shadows, blushes and compact powders from nine states were tested by the Scientific Analytical Institute after a woman who works at a law firm tha...

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Aixianger has more than 20 years experience in cosmetics marketing and production. With a number of patented inventions.
Aixianger hand in France, Canada, JAPHETH International Laboratory, professional skin medicine team dedicated to formula research and development, to create international first-line brand quality.
Laboratory technology export: for the major cosmetics factories, cosmetics companies to provide formula adjustment, technical transformation services.
Quality:adhere to formula safety and effectiveness, adhere to the global procurement of selected raw materials. Reference to the European Union certification production standards, strictly control the production of each link. Provide standard standard (SGSS) testing service, product testing standard. Provide material safety instructions for products with MSDSs, product analysis certificates and COA documents.
One-stop service, integrated management of GMP production management standards.
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professional and technical

We have independent research and development capabilities, a well-equipped laboratory, more from Canada's professional cosmetics R & D engineers, go all out to tailor-made for each customer distinctive products for you to create first-class cosmetics brand!



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Since 2003, the company has always been to create world-class products for the goal